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November 2004

The Postman Almost Rings Twice

Ever wonder what it’s like being a mailman in a town with no addresses? I was aware of our Todos Santos post office, but had no idea we have a mailman who actually delivers the mail… on a motorcycle! Meet Crispin Garcia Flores, Guri to his friends and family.

Crisp�n Garc�a Flores

MM: So, Crispin, do you know just about EVERYBODY?

CGF: Yes, I know very many people in town and all the locals. I know the new people by references. If I see your car, I can find where you live.

MM: You mean you would bring me my mail in person? I don’t have to come by the post office to check if my name is on the list?

CGF: That’s right. If you have a mailbox on the outside of your house, I can deliver your mail. If you receive a package, I will leave you a notification slip to come pick it up.

MM: How long have you been the Todos Santos mailman?

CGF: My brother, Arturo, was the mailman first, for 16 years. He hired me when he got bored and quit, and I’ve been here 17 years now.

MM: Having grown up here and gone to school here, how do you feel about all the changes in Todos Santos over the past ten years? And tell the truth!

CGF: It is very different now. The amazing increase in population has been very positive for the community. There are more jobs and more interesting things happening. It was really dull before.

MM: How do you view the relationship between the ex-patriot community and the locals?

CGF: Many Americans feel like my own family. I think there are many of them who do really well with the locals.

MM:  What do you love about being here?

CGF: Everybody knows each other and it is really peaceful and quiet here, even at midnight.

MM: Where do you dream about traveling?

CGF: I have only traveled in Baja. I like to dream about going to Rome. I think I could give speaking Italian a try. I have no desire to go to the mainland or Mexico City.

MM: Do you ever get a chance to visit the art galleries here?

CGF: I stop and take a look when I deliver the mail. I don’t have a lot of time and sometimes I am too tired. I have three children, ages thirteen, six and one month old.

MM:  Do you collect stamps, by any chance?

CGF: Yes, I have my family’s collection besides the ones I collect. I always ask foreigners for the stamps from their letters. You have to be so careful when you try to remove them.

MM: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you as the mailman? 

CGF: When the Anthrax scare was happening, I delivered a letter to a local from the US. He insisted on wearing gloves to receive it and to take it to a lab for testing. I just laughed. Gloves were sent to me from the mainland, but I never used them. They are still hanging on the wall.

MM: Is there something you would like to say to all your friends here in Todos Santos?

CGF: Yes, it seems a lot of my friends last in their jobs for only six months or so. I want to tell them to stick to their work and be the best you can be in your job.

MM: Thank you Crispín. You are very passionate about your work.


All photos by the Milkmaid herself unless noted. Thanks to Erick Ochoa for his help translating. Copyright 2004-2006, all rights reserved. Any and all manners of reproduction including digital are expressly prohibited without written permission.
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